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Read This Before You Make Any Drastic Changes to Your Hair

Today, I’m here to talk about something super important: making drastic changes to your hair. Before you dive into a bold new look, there are a few things you should consider. Let’s chat about what you need to know before taking the plunge with a major hair transformation.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Before you decide to chop off your long locks or dye your hair a vibrant new colour, consider your lifestyle:

Maintenance: Some hairstyles and colours require more upkeep than others. Think about how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in maintaining your new look.

Work and Activities: Consider how your new hair will fit into your daily routine, work environment, and activities. Will it be practical for your job and hobbies?

Do Your Research

A drastic hair change is a big commitment, so it’s essential to do your homework:

Inspiration: Gather inspiration from magazines, social media, and celebrities. This will help you communicate your vision to your stylist.

Suitability: Not every hairstyle or colour will suit everyone. Consider your face shape, skin tone, and hair type. Consulting with a professional stylist can help you determine what will work best for you.

Prepare for the Transition

Major hair changes can take time and might not happen in one appointment:

Multiple Sessions: If you’re going from dark to light hair, be prepared for multiple sessions to achieve the desired result without damaging your hair.

Temporary Discomfort: Some changes, like going super short or trying a new color, might take some getting used to. Be prepared for an adjustment period.

Consider the Health of Your Hair

Your hair’s health should always come first. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Damage Risk: Certain processes, like bleaching, can damage your hair. Make sure your hair is in good condition before undergoing such treatments.

Hair Care Routine: You might need to adjust your hair care routine to maintain the health and appearance of your new style. This could include using special shampoos, conditioners, and treatments.

Professional Advice

Before making any drastic changes, consult with a professional hairstylist. Here’s why:

Expert Opinion: A professional can provide valuable insights into what will work best for you and how to achieve it safely.

Realistic Expectations: Your stylist can help set realistic expectations about what can be achieved based on your starting point and hair condition.

Emotional Readiness

Last but not least, consider your emotional readiness for a big change:

Confidence: Major hair changes can significantly impact your self-image. Make sure you’re ready to embrace and rock your new look with confidence.

Timing: Consider whether this is the right time for a drastic change. Sometimes, it’s better to wait until you’re sure it’s what you want.

I hope this chat has given you some food for thought before you make any drastic changes to your hair. Remember, a little planning and consideration can go a long way in ensuring you love your new look. If you have any questions or need personalized advice, drop by Medlocks Hair Design or give me a call – I’m always here to help you put your best hair forward!

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